“Sub-conscious” mode for cell phones

Researchers Kang Shin and Xinyu Zhang from University of Michigan have come up with a “sub-conscious” mode to enhance the battery life of the mobile phones. This mode can be set to the mobile phones when the data transfer is not active, but with WiFi / Bluetooth option turned ON.

The cell phones consume energy even if the is no data transfer using WiFi / Bluetooth. This mode of operation is called “Idle Listening Technology”. Apparently “Idle Listening Technology” consumes more energy for operation. The new technology  is called “Energy Minimizing Idle Listening Technology” (E-MiLI). E-MiLI is the new technology where the cell phone monitors for any incoming radio signals by enabling it to be in “sub-conscious/sleep” mode. According to the researchers, it is possible to monitor the header information in the radio signals even if the cell phone is 90% sleep.

The operating speed for the wireless card during the “sub-conscious” mode is reduced  to 1/16 of its normal speed. Based on the experiment done, the new technology enhances the battery life of the cell phones by approx 54%. Incorporating the new technology in the cell phones requires firmware upgrade.

These technologies help to reduce the burden for  the chip manufactures while they fight for high powered devices in this age of “Energy-Hungry” applications.


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