Facebook.. Facebook..Facebook…Finally its F8, 2011.

Ok.. It’s a day of “For the Facebook….by the Facebook… and to the Facebook”… The news is finally here after a lot of hype and speculation in the past week. Loads of information on the internet regarding F8,2011.

In short, you can see the following features rolled out in Facebook in the coming months:

1. Timeline – Its a book about yourself where facebook gathers information about you, based on your activities and provide a very nice timeline. This timeline should tell you how your life has been for the past x years (after you have started using facebook). Pretty interesting! – Good, not that exciting, bad ?

Any normal user (not just Developers) can currently try out Google timeline in an “independent” mode. If you are interested, go through the steps here.

If you are lazy , here is a sample page for you as released by Facebook.

2.”Like” button will be accompanied with “Read”, “Listen” and “Watch” buttons. What is the “READ” button used for? According to Facebook, if a particular user is reading a webpage, Facebook ticker is his friends login will be updated with saying “Mr XX is reading website.com”.. Well, this sounds funny !

Also it plans to understand to introduce “Pause”  and “Undo” buttons.. “Pause” and “Undo” does not sound like a good option though and might try to complicate things to users.

3. As I have told in the blog yesterday about the new feature “Listen with a friend” in Facebook Music, I guess the “Listen” button would be used for that purpose.

4. Smart lists that is already rolled out.

In short, facebook is really gearing up for the next phase of Facebook and I think they are going to have a lot of goodies for its 500M+ users. Given the major transformation happening in Facebook and the amount of information that it processes to provide a better user experience, it has to keep in mind that it just need to provide information in a very “SIMPLE” manner and does not clutter the wall with loads of information. This exactly was what I felt when I saw the new facebook update couple of weeks back with automatic scrollers on the right half pane”, page getting dumped with lots of info etc..

On the other hand, it is indeed a very bad day for Google. Google was trying to compete with the previous version of Facebook and need to now geared up with plans to complete the brand new FACEBOOK. All the very best Google !


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