Facebook – Funding the social world

Facebook filed for its S1 registration with SEC last week. For sure, its a game of huge numbers. Here are some interesting stats:

– 845 million active users

– 2.7 billion likes / comments everyday …(averaging to 3+ comments / likes per user / day)

– 250 million photos upload every day

– 100 billion friendsships

– Each user has 138 friends on an average

– Majority of Facebook revenue is from ads – the most dangerous stuff in the current business model

– 12% of facebook revenue is from Zynga – the maker of Farmville, cityville etc

– 28.4% of stake in Facebook would be owned by Mark Zuckerberg. The valuation of the company stands at 100B USD (really ?).

Sheryl Sandberg, COO – highest paid employee in 2011.

– Mark Z to take home a salary of 1$ in 2013

– Facebook is serious about Google+ while it enjoys the game as an early entrant in the next-gen social networking. Refer my earlier post on the battle.

Here are some more numbers on the Facebook vs Google pre-IPO years


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