Google Drive – Google’s cloud storage solution

  At a time when Dropbox is enjoying the master status of the world of Cloud storage, Google is getting geared up with the launch of Google Drive (though this has been in the making for few years now). Google drive would act as a cloud storage solution for its audio, video and other text content. Eventually Google Drive would be integrated with the Google apps platform. Users can expect a better experience once the integration with the Google apps is completed.

Although Dropbox which has 45 million users would continue to rule in the desktop / laptop space for some more time, my guess is  that it will be a tough luck for Dropbox to provide its support in the Mobile support given the number of android devices that are activated each day. I would expect Google drive to be *tightly* integrated with its Android platform (as you can see now that the photos taken on your android devices are automatically uploaded the Google photos / picasa, without any pain from the user to manually upload it)and Chrome laptops. My guess is that Google Drive would provide similar  services to Android users akin to iCloud for Apple.

Hopefully Google is not stuck in any patent related issues that Apple might have as a part of its Apple iCloud implementation. I really don’t bother about the SkyDrive from Microsoft as I do not think that they are the front runners in the cloud storage space anyways. As with any service from Google, Google drive is expected to be a free service for personal users and with a free for SMB’s.

It would be really interesting to keep a tab on the sudden peak in the user count once Google Drive is integrated with the Google apps for Android platform. As usual, Google Chrome users is expected to have a plug-in in their chrome browsers.

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