Flipcart’s Flyte – Dancing to Indian e-tunes !

Earlier this month, Flipcart has announced the acquisition of Letsbuy to enrich its portfolio of e-Commerce offerings. Here is yet another news(talks/rumors?) from Flipcart about its plan to integrate music service to the Flipcart website. The music service is being launched under the brand Flyte. Flyte would be a service which is 320 Kbps DRM free (pretty good) and device agnostic.

The music service is being powered by Mime360 which Flipkart acquired November last year. Mime360 was a Mumbai based Digital Media Distribution company. The digital media catalogue is being provided by Chakpak, a Bangalore based startup providing Bollywood media content. This is yet another attempt to grow stronger than Amazon which is slowly entering into the Indian market.

The key factor for the success of Flyte is a “Competitive pricing” of the tracks to reduce piracy. This is a very critical factor for the success of the service in Indian market which is  being dominated by internet piracy.

Here is a Flipkart screenshot (available for a short duration in Flipkart website) revealing the introduction of the music service as reported in Woikr.

Also there are talks that Flipkart is gearing up for the ePub service.

I was really hoping that Google Music would enter into the Indian market, but i guess it is now too late for them and it might be a tough fight against the “to-be-homegrown” Flyte.

Stay tuned for the official news from Flipkart.


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