April 1st – Are the “fooled jokes” a “necessary evil”?

Happy April 1st everyone 🙂 !

There has been tremendous number jokes all over the internet on April 1st from the world of technology. With the increasingly heated competition in the technology landscape, has there been an instance where any such jokes turn into a real breakthrough / innovation to the same or another company? Share your thoughts!

Having said that, just imagine the state when all the Guardian’s and WSJ‘s of the world start sending some pranks on April 1st. A day of confused information flow all around the world? I know that the media world are being bonded by the laws on providing the authentic/genuine information.

Here is a news from Techcrunch about a prank of the Google‘s next (hopeful) successor for the top job. In my opinion, all these blogs (which people keep tab on every second to get the latest developments) should have a sense of responsibility and ensure that they don’t try to defame anyone in the name of silly April jokes. We never know, these big guys are crazy enough to do such things.

Google news which feeds us with some of the hottest news around the world, has obviously picked up another prank about Mitt Rooney (presidential candidate for 2012 from Republican party) in the top of its feed as reported by Masahble. Incidently or unfortunately, the top feed which published the prank is none other than the most respected journal “Forbes”. Can these companies be sued for spreading such false information? Why not ??

Messages like this from Mashable, are really going to be taken seriously (unless you googled about Conan or knew he is a television host 🙂 🙂 ) by the world. It’s good that the content of the news (and the video) sounds really really funny (enjoyed it to the core) and hence people would quickly realize that this is a prank and not real. If the content of the news was written on a little serious note (and the video was cut out the post), poor guy Pete Cashmore would even get more “thumbs down” from the Time 100 list 🙂 🙂

Having said that, I really loved some of the other jokes from Google 🙂 . It doesn’t harm anyone. The worst it can do is to make people think of the jokes and bring out some new cool stuff !


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