Project Glass : A product or a service platform?

Google today officially announced the testing of its “Augmented reality” Project Glass in their Google+ Page.

Here is official video from Google !

A pretty cool stuff from the brightest minds at Google. Lots of thinking have been instrumental in bringing the project to reality. Its sure a project from Google (which has been struggling to compete with Facebook and Apple) which carries a big “Wow” factor. Having said that, the question that needs to answered is

–  Can “Project Glass” be called a “Product Glass”?

– How would the “Project Glass” stand from a practical standpoint?

– Should Apple now consider that it has a competition to its fine manufacturing skills?

– Should Facebook seriously start thinking that “Project Glass” would seriously books Google’s social presence?

Here is my brief opinion to the above questions:

This seems to be yet another “attempt” of creating a product by merging all the existing Google services. Excellent! The success and failure of the “Project Glass” would largely be dependent on the convenience of the user. As a user, It would not be that comfortable in having some data (text/image/video) blocking your vision, which means you would most probably be using this when you are not in a busy zone.  I could not think of an use-case (apart from arguing that you need not take out your phone from your pocket) where it can provide any extra functionality that cannot be provided by your mobile phone. Do you?

For the “Wow” factor – If i am to choose an option(s) for which I would most probably use the “Glass”, it would be for “taking picture” and for “maps” probably. Also note that you would still require your mobile phone for doing all this crazy stuff with your “Glass”. I would be better off using my mobile phone to do the rest of the stuff advertised in the video.  Well, the other stuffs are pretty cool as well.

Should Apple start thinking Google as a competitor in Hardware? Probably not. Apple is still the leader in this space, unless Google hits back hard with the “to-be-born products” lined up as a part of its Motorola acquisition.

Should Facebook consider Google as a competitor in the social media space? That’s a clear “No” atleast for now. Although Larry claims that Google plus is a long term bet (which surely is “yes”) and that the growth momentum is pretty good than expected.

The above comment about Google might make you think that I am an “anti-Google” guy, which of course is not the case.

Google luck to Google for getting “Project Glass” to reality !!!


One thought on “Project Glass : A product or a service platform?

  1. I see no reason why it can’t be both, but first as a product, and then as a service. This is Google’s opportunity to make unbelievable profits from hardware, the way Apple has. It would be foolish to pass on it just to create another “free platform”, and depend once again on ads for revenue.

    But as it would get popular as a product, it can also become a popular service – just like Apple has some popular services on iOS, and they don’t necessarily need it to be a platform service.

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